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Thomas Boyers V

Thomas Boyers V

Attorney at Law


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What are you looking for when you are seeking the services of an attorney in Sumner County and the surrounding areas?

If you’re looking for compassion, empathy and understanding … you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for a history of success in representing people in the past … you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for someone highly recommended by others … you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to be there, in good times and bad, throughout the years, so you never have to look for another attorney ever again … you’ve also come to the right place.

Tom says,

“An Attorney’s duty is to help provide reasonable access for clients to representation in the legal system. Without an attorney, one can easily fall victim to abuse within the justice system, whether they’re involved in the civil system or the criminal system. Without an attorney, it’s like you’re pork in a meat grinder … the system will impersonally grind you up and spit you out at the back end.”

Although the testimonials of other clients is an important indicator of what you can expect from Tommy, it’s also important to look and his experience and background. For almost 20 years Tom has been working in the legal system in a variety of ways. He spent years as a licensed Private Investigator and Private Security Instructor. He has worked for the Tennessee Department of Corrections as an Adult Probation Officer, and was for several years the District Criminal Investigator for the Public Defender’s Office. As a lawyer, Tom has secured multi-million dollar settlements and six-figure jury verdicts. He has litigated Plaintiff’s cases in both Federal District Court, State Civil and Criminal Courts and State Claims Courts. His experiences range from small claims civil court to every major court in Tennessee. He has litigated complex wrongful death suits, medical malpractice cases, and even interstate highway tractor truck cases. There is no case Tom is not qualified to handle, and no case he is unable to represent you well.

Personal Life

Tom is married to his beautiful wife, Linda, and has a wonderful daughter, Samantha. You can see pictures of them below. If you are having legal issues and are looking for the right attorney, take the time to talk with Tom. You can contact Tom here .