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Continuing the

Legacy of Service …

What are you looking for when you are seeking the services of an attorney in Sumner County and the surrounding areas?

If you’re looking for compassion, empathy and understanding … you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for a history of success in representing people in the past … you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for someone highly recommended by others … you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to be there, in good times and bad, throughout the years, so you never have to look for another attorney ever again … you’ve also come to the right place.

Tom says,

“An Attorney’s duty is to help provide reasonable access for clients to representation in the legal system.  Without an attorney, one can easily fall victim to abuse within the justice system, whether they’re involved in the civil system or the criminal system.  Without an attorney, it’s like you’re pork in a meat grinder … the system will impersonally grind you up and spit you out at the back end.”

Listen to what others have said about Thomas Boyers.


“Dearest Tom.

You were a pleasant Godsend to me that day in Davidson County.  I had been praying for wisdom and wisdom sat down nest to me.  I thank you for your help, encouragement and kindness.  Sumner County has been great to me.  I pray God uses you in ways you never imagined.  You are a gentleman.  I’m proud to know you and very blessed. Peace to you.

In His joy,  B”

“Mr. Boyers:

Just a short, yet no less sincere, note to express my appreciation for your willingness to help my son recently in court.  From the first time I spoke with you I was impressed with your genuine concern.  Your resolution of the case even exceeded my expectations.

Thanks again and please call me if I can ever be of service to you!

God bless,

Keith Cain Sheriff of Davidson County, Kentucky”

“Tommy -

Thank you so much for standing in for me in Gallatin in the court matter.  Mr. _____ was pleased and you saved me a lot of stress.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks again,

N.S.” (Local Attorney)


Thank you so much for all of your help you have given me over the last 11 years, and I’m not sure exactly how may months.  you have helped me out tremendously!  Words cannot express how grateful I am to know you and have your help.  I don’t know what would have happened many, many times if it weren’t for you.

Knowing you has changed my life forever, and my 10 years old son John _____.  Because of you and your help, and lack of it from others, I am truly blessed.

I really appreciate you  and all that you have done for me.

Thanks for being so thoughtful and caring.  And for not giving up on me.  You are a wonderful person.



As you can see, Tom has the confidence of many past clients, including a Sheriff out of Kentucky (and who would know better?).


Although the testimonials of other clients is an important indicator of what you can expect from Tommy, it’s also important to look and his experience and background. For almost 20 years Tom has been working in the legal system in a variety of ways.  He spent years as a licensed Private Investigator and Private Security Instructor.  He has worked for the Tennessee Department of Corrections as an Adult Probation Officer, and was for several years the District Criminal Investigator for the Public Defender’s Office. As a lawyer, Tom has secured multi-million dollar settlements and six-figure jury verdicts.  He has litigated Plaintiff’s cases in both Federal District Court, State Civil and Criminal Courts and State Claims Courts. His experiences range from small claims civil court to every major court in Tennessee.  He has litigated complex wrongful death suits, medical malpractice cases, and even interstate highway tractor truck cases.  There is no case Tom is not qualified to handle, and no case he is unable to represent you well.

The Boyers Legacy

Gallatin and Middle Tennessee is Tom’s home.  He comes from a line of Gallatin residents stretching back over 200 years, and is committed to and believes in maintaining a permanance in the community here.  You can read about the Boyers Legacy here, starting with the earliest resident, Robert Morris Boyers, who arrived in Gallatin in 1809, with only the clothes on his back and $.25 in his pocket and when Gallatin had little else but a Courthouse and a jail. You can read how the Boyers began creating their legacy early, deeply involved in commercial development, newspapers, and community leadership culminating in both Tom’s grandfather and father became Circuit Court Judges and politicians. Tom continues the 200 year old legacy of service right here on Main Street in Gallatin, and remains available to serve you in your legal needs.

Personal Life

Tom is married to his beautiful wife, Linda, and has a wonderful daughter, Samantha.  You can see pictures of them here. If you are having legal issues and are looking for the right attorney, take the time to talk with Tom.  You can contact Tom here .